Welcome to EYFS

Welcome to New Pastures Primary Foundation Stage.

Our Foundation Stage is led by Mrs. J. Haycock and is split into F1 (nursery) and F2 (reception).

At New Pastures Primary School we ensure our curriculum is fully inclusive to every child. We fulfil the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum and see this as vital in securing solid foundations that children are going to continue to build upon.

Knowing that all pupils are unique individuals with their own specific needs, we encourage them to develop their individual skills and are passionate in enabling all children to achieve their full unique potential in a supportive environment where they are valued and respected.

We want to make your child’s start in school an exciting and enjoyable experience by creating a secure and happy environment.

We encourage children to develop confidence to become independent learners through providing a range of opportunities and experiences.

We hope the information below will answer the many questions you may have and please do not hesitate to contact the school to speak to Mrs Haycock to clarify anything.

Information for parents

‘I enjoyed all my lessons I’ve had at New Pastures because the teachers made them interesting and they were always kind and helpful’…

Year 6 pupil comments

‘I loved New Pastures Primary School because all of the teachers gave us confidence to come out of our shell.’…

Year 6 pupil comments

‘Overall through all of my years at New Pastures Primary School, the highlight has been the teachers and how kind they are. I will really miss here because I am going to secondary school – but my learning will go on!’…

Year 6 pupil comments

‘I enjoyed New Pastures because the teachers are friendly and funny and will always help me if I get stuck with my work.’…

Year 6 pupil comments

‘At New Pastures, I enjoyed how all the teachers were friendly, looked after us and made me happy to wake up in the morning, excited to come to school.’…

Year 6 pupil comments