Music – curriculum information

At New Pastures Primary School we ensure our curriculum is fully inclusive to every child. We believe, as stated in the National Curriculum, that “Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity.” We aim to . inspire this creativity and self- expression, providing a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum ensuring the progressive development of musical concepts, knowledge and skills.


To teach and perfect the skills implemented by the National curriculum for music.

We aim to develop children so that they can:

  • Sing, create and compose music on their own and in groups
  • Understand and explore how music is created, produced and communicated
  • Have opportunities to learn a musical instrument
  • Use technology appropriately
  • Listen to, review and evaluate the work of great composers and musicians from a range of historical periods, genres, styles and traditions


We use the Charanga Musical School scheme enhanced with teachers` own expertise to give children the opportunity to perform, listen to, review and evaluate music. Music is also used in a cross curricular way to promote our creative curriculum.

Music planning is mapped for the year and shown on the yearly cross curricular overview for each year group.

Musical elements are progressively introduced, discussed and understood.

Throughout their time in KS2, every child is given the opportunity to work with a specialist teacher where they are taught samba or ukulele. Recorder is also offered as an extra- curricular activity.

Children enhance their musical skills and can share and enjoy music by taking. part in performances during assemblies, for families and the community.


All children receive a broad and balanced curriculum regardless of their year group or ability.

This allows them to discover areas of strength, as well as what they might like to improve on.

The clear progression of musical skills ensures that all children access at an appropriate level

Our children develop confidence, raise self- esteem, develop independence collaboration, perseverance and resilience. They are enthused and excited by the variety of musical activities.

The impact of the curriculum is measured by discussion with pupils, and staff, observations, feedback from performances and reflections on standards. Annual reporting is made against outcomes.

‘I enjoyed all my lessons I’ve had at New Pastures because the teachers made them interesting and they were always kind and helpful’…

Year 6 pupil comments

‘Overall through all of my years at New Pastures Primary School, the highlight has been the teachers and how kind they are. I will really miss here because I am going to secondary school – but my learning will go on!’…

Year 6 pupil comments

‘I loved New Pastures Primary School because all of the teachers gave us confidence to come out of our shell.’…

Year 6 pupil comments

‘At New Pastures, I enjoyed how all the teachers were friendly, looked after us and made me happy to wake up in the morning, excited to come to school.’…

Year 6 pupil comments

‘I enjoyed New Pastures because the teachers are friendly and funny and will always help me if I get stuck with my work.’…

Year 6 pupil comments