School uniform

School uniform:

  • A white plain polo shirt
  • A royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo
  • Grey or black school pinafore dress or skirt
  • Grey or black tailored school trousers
  • Grey or black tailored school shorts
  • Navy blue or pale blue checked summer dress
  • All pupils wear black shoes with no heels or smart black trainers with black laces

PE Kit:

  • Black shorts
  • Plain White T-shirt
  • Black school pumps or trainers
  • Black or grey plain jogging bottoms for colder weather

Further information:

Sweatshirts & cardigans with the school logo can be ordered from school at cost price. An order form will be available in June / July and at intervals during the year.

Pupils should have their names inside their coats and on as much of their clothing as possible.

In the interests of safety and natural growth and development, flat heeled shoes are much better for your child and we strongly recommend this type of footwear.

During the summer months we encourage parents to provide sun hats for pupils to wear during playtimes and dinnertimes – these can be purchased in school.

Pupils must not wear bracelets, necklaces or rings in school at any time. In Key Stage 1 earrings are not allowed. In Key Stage 2 we do allow one pair of small, plain stud earrings to be worn.

Earrings must be either removed or covered with surgical tape for all PE and games lessons and are not allowed to be worn at all during swimming lessons and afterschool clubs. Watches may be worn but are the pupil’s own responsibility. They must be removed for PE and games lessons.

Please note that school cannot accept liability for private property lost or damaged. All clothing should be clearly marked with the pupil’s name in indelible ink or using nametags or some other means. Pupils should not bring unnecessary money or valuable items of property to school. Pupils should not bring toys, mobile phones or games consoles into school.

‘I enjoyed all my lessons I’ve had at New Pastures because the teachers made them interesting and they were always kind and helpful’…

Year 6 pupil comments

‘I enjoyed New Pastures because the teachers are friendly and funny and will always help me if I get stuck with my work.’…

Year 6 pupil comments

‘I loved New Pastures Primary School because all of the teachers gave us confidence to come out of our shell.’…

Year 6 pupil comments

‘Overall through all of my years at New Pastures Primary School, the highlight has been the teachers and how kind they are. I will really miss here because I am going to secondary school – but my learning will go on!’…

Year 6 pupil comments

‘At New Pastures, I enjoyed how all the teachers were friendly, looked after us and made me happy to wake up in the morning, excited to come to school.’…

Year 6 pupil comments