Our Vision & Aims

At New Pastures Primary School our vision is for our pupils to be well educated through a rich and varied curriculum, becoming self motivated, confident learners who have a desire to achieve more each day.

We aim for our pupils
to be the very best that they can be.

  • To be literate and numerate

  • To be self motivated with lively enquiring minds

  • To be able to communicate effectively and have excellent social skills

  • To respect themselves and others as individuals regardless of race, religion, culture, gender or ability

  • To take calculated risks to solve problems for themselves in an environment where it is safe to fail and then try again, rejoicing in success

  • To be able to work as an individual or as part of a team, knowing when to ask for help and when to give support to others

  • To think and act creatively in everything they do

  • To be a well-rounded citizen who is able to cope with the demands of the modern world

  • To be a life long learner

‘Overall through all of my years at New Pastures Primary School, the highlight has been the teachers and how kind they are. I will really miss here because I am going to secondary school – but my learning will go on!’…

Year 6 pupil comments

‘I enjoyed all my lessons I’ve had at New Pastures because the teachers made them interesting and they were always kind and helpful’…

Year 6 pupil comments

‘At New Pastures, I enjoyed how all the teachers were friendly, looked after us and made me happy to wake up in the morning, excited to come to school.’…

Year 6 pupil comments

‘I loved New Pastures Primary School because all of the teachers gave us confidence to come out of our shell.’…

Year 6 pupil comments

‘I enjoyed New Pastures because the teachers are friendly and funny and will always help me if I get stuck with my work.’…

Year 6 pupil comments